Rauchbierus – a Rauchbier-styled smoked ale.

Brewed March 19, 2019. Bottled April 15, 2019.

4.6% ABV (OG 1.050 / FG 1.015)


2 kilo Pilsner malt
1.25 kilo Munich
1.25 kilo Mesquite Smoked
300 grams CaraPils
200 grams Crystal 120
30 grams Hallertau Mittelfruh hops
22 grams Hallertau Mittelfruh hops
11 grams Safale K-97 ale yeast
180 grams dextrose

Brew Notes:
Equipment cleaned with bleach solution and sanitised with Iodophor solution. Approx 31L tap water heated up for the mash, with the grain bag added at 65°C for 60 minutes. Wort drained and squeezed into bucket and then into pot – with no sparge – 24L of wort was put up to boil for 50 minutes. First 30g of Hallertau Mittelfruh hops added 25 minutes after boilpoint for 15 minutes, factoring time conversion for the use of the no-chill method. At flameout the next 22g of Hallertau Mittelfruh hops were added to the pot. The approx 24L of wort was then decanted into the fermentation bucket directly, with a bagged cork in place of the airlock to prevent air contamination. Two evenings later Safale K-97 yeast packet added to the brew with OG 1.050 at 20°C. Fermentation bucket placed in fermentation refrigerator (turned off), the temp fluctuating from 18-21°C for the duration of the fermentation. Checked 15 days into brew: FG 1.015 = 4.6% ABV. Bottled 28 days into brew into Iodophor solution-sanitised 330ml and 500ml bottles, as well as a temporary “keg” (small fermentation bucket corked), primed with 180 grams dextrose.

Yield: ~20L (40 x 330ml, 2 x 500ml bottles + ~6L in “keg”)