Scotus Aleus

Scotus Aleus – a strong Scottish ale.
Scotus Aleus Rum et Uvam Additae – a strong Scottish ale with added raisin rum.

Brewed August 21, 2017. Bottled September 11, 2017.

6.6% ABV (OG 1.070 / FG 1.020)


5.4 kilo Pale ale malt
800 grams Crystal 60 malt
200 grams Chocolate malt
30 grams Brewer’s Gold hops
30 grams Challenger hops
5 grams Irish moss
11 grams Danstar Nottingham yeast
90 grams Brown sugar
(Large handful of raisins and 140ml of rum)

Brew Notes:
Cleaned and sanitised with Iodophor solution. Mash water for BIAB: approx 25L heated/boiled tap water in the 55L brew pot. Grain bag added at 70°C for approximately 70 minutes, with the back burner on low to maintain temperature. In the meantime, raisins and rum were put together in a jar for making part of the batch with raisin rum added. Wort set to boil for 70 minutes with 30 grams of Brewer’s Gold hops added at 25 minutes left to boil, factoring in the usage of the no chill method. Irish moss added at flameout. Decanted into no-chill container after being allowed to settle in the brew pot with 30 grams of Challenger hops until the two days later. Pack of Danstar Nottingham yeast added to the fermentation bucket at air-conditioned room temperature. OG 1.070. Checked 18 days into brew: SG 1.020. Checked 19 days into brew: FG 1.020 = 6.56% ABV. Bottled into washed and Iodophor solution-sanitised 330ml and 500ml bottles primed with approximately 90 grams cane sugar, with the exception of the first litre out of the bucket, bottled with what rum we could squeeze out of the raisins and 1 tsp of brown sugar. Since we didn’t measure how much rum was added after raisin absorption, ABV is probably somewhere between 7% and 9% for the Scotus Aleus Rum et Uvam Additae bottles (not sure the calculation is correct either).

Yield: 15.33L (19 x 330ml, 16 x 500ml bottles + 2 x 500ml bottles of rum version)