Irish Aleus

Irish Aleus – an Irish ale.

Brewed June 17, 2018. Bottled July 9, 2018.

6.3% ABV  (OG 1.063 / FG 1.015)


  • 3 kilo Extra Pale Ale extract
  • 500 grams CaraPils malt
  • 500 grams Crystal 150 malt
  • 250 grams Roasted Barley
  • 30 grams East Kent Goldings hops
  • 30 grams East Kent Goldings hops
  • 11 grams US-05 ale yeast
  • 130 grams brown sugar

Brew Notes:
Cleaned and sanitised with powder bi-sulfate solution. Grain divided into two small bags added to approx 16L of water at approx 70°C for 60 minutes. Grain bag squeezed and sparge-soaked, the liquid and extract added to the pot for a total of approx 20L wort. East Kent Goldings hops added 40 minutes after boilpoint for 20 minutes, factoring in the no-chill scheduling. East Kent Goldings hops added at flameout with whirlpool. Decanted into the fermentation bucket with an added 3L of boiling water to make up for boil-off. Bucket sealed with the lid and a cork in place of the airlock. US-05 ale yeast pack added the following day. OG 1.063 at 24°C. Checked 10 days into brew: SG 1.017. Checked 22 days into brew: FG 1.015 = 6.3% ABV. Bottled into sanitised 330ml and 500ml bottles primed with 130 grams cane sugar.

Yield: 17.83L (51 x 330ml, 2 x 500ml bottles)