Aleus Coffea

Aleus Coffea – a pale coffee ale.

Brewed November 12, 2017. Bottled December 10, 2017.

3.3% ABV (OG 1.051 / FG 1.026)


4.5 kilo Pale ale malt
500 grams Rolled oats
30 grams Bramling Cross hops
35 grams Hallertau Mittelfruh hops
6 grams Irish moss
11 grams Danstar Nottingham yeast
175 grams Dextrose
800 ml Coffee
100 grams Coffee beans

Brew Notes:
Cleaned and sanitised with bleach and Iodophor solution. Mash water for BIAB: 16L heated tap water in the 55L brew pot. Grain bag added at 70°C for 65 minutes, with the burners on low to maintain temperature. Wort set to boil for 60 minutes with 30 grams of Bramling Cross hops added at 25 minutes left to boil, factoring in the usage of the no chill method. 800 ml of black coffee added at 10 minutes left to boil and Irish moss added at flameout. Decanted into no-chill container after a few minutes in the brew pot with 35 grams of Hallertau Mittelfruh hops and the 100 grams of Arabica coffee beans. Chilled wort transferred into new fermentation bucket with a pack of Danstar Nottingham yeast added. OG 1.051. Checked 11 days into brew: SG 1.026. Continued bubbling in the airlock but when checked 28 days into brew: FG 1.026 = 3.28% ABV. Bottled into bleach solution-washed and Iodophor solution-sanitised 330ml and 500ml bottles primed with approximately 175 grams dextrose.

Yield: 15.66L (20 x 500ml, 17 x 330ml bottles)