Belgica Dubbel

Belgica Dubbel – a Belgian dubbel.

Brewed June 7, 2018. Bottled August 15, 2018.

4.3% ABV (OG 1.070 / FG 1.037)


5 kilo Pilsner malt
400 grams Munich 60 malt
400 grams Biscuit malt
300 grams Crystal 40 malt
200 grams Special B malt
200 grams Aromatic malt
30 grams Magnum hops
30 grams Saaz hops
11 grams Safbrew Abbaye yeast
11 grams Danstar Nottingham yeast
160 grams Dextrose

Brew Notes:
Cleaned and sanitised with Iodophor solution. Mash water for BIAB: approx 28.5L heated/boiled tap water. Grain bag added to mash for 90 minutes. Grain bag squeezed and sparged with an additional 6.5L of tap water, for a total of approximately 21L. Wort set to boil for 60 minutes with 30 grams of Magnum hops added at 25 minutes, factoring in the no-chill conversion times. 30 grams of Saaz hops added at flameout with a whirlpool. Decanted into the closed fermentation container for two days. Safbrew Abbaye yeast pack added to fermentation container at 27°C. OG 1.070 at 27°C. Checked 14 days into brew: SG 1.042. Checked 36 days into brew: SG 1.040 and decided to add a packet of Nottingham yeast that we had on-hand to see if we can get better fermentation results. Checked 59 days into brew: FG 1.037 = 4.33% ABV. Bottled seven days later into Iodophor solution sanitised 330ml bottles primed with approximately 160 grams cane sugar.

Yield: 15.5L (47 x 330ml bottles)

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