IPAeus I

IPAeus I

IPAeus I – an American IPA.

Brewed January 11, 2017. Bottled January 25, 2017.

4.5% ABV  (OG 1.046 / FG 1.012)


  • 6 kilo Pale Ale malt
  • 1 kilo assorted specialty malts (including CaraRed, CaraPils, Melanoidin malt, etc)
  • 30 grams Mosaic hops
  • 30 grams Mt Hood hops
  • 11 grams Safale US-05 ale yeast
  • 170 grams dextrose

Brew Notes:
Cleaned from last batch with bleach solution. Sanitised with Iodophor solution. Water: 10L boiled tap and additional ~4L boiled tap to compensate for grain absorption + 2L boiled tap to wort + 8kg/8L ice and 1L boiled tap for cold crash and to reach 20L. 7kg grain bag added to mash tun bucket at 68°C for just over an hour. Temp fluctuations: dropping to 62°C, warm water added to 65°C, dropping to 59°C, grain bag removed and wort heated up in pot to 75°C, re-added to grain bag + dripping wort to reach an overall temp of 66°C upon culmination. Wort transferred to boil pot to start brewing (10L wort + 2L boiled water). 20g Mosaic and 10g Mt Hood hops added at boilpoint for 60 minutes. 20g Mt Hood and 10g Mosaic hops added for 10 minutes. 11L of wort cold-crashed with 8L ice to 16°C and mixed with 1L boiled water to raise temp to 22°C. Safale US-05 ale yeast pack added at 22°C. OG 1.046 at 22°C. Checked 12 days into brew: SG 1.012. Checked 14 days into brew: FG 1.012 at 17°C = 4.5% ABV. Bottled into Iodophor solution sanitised 500ml bottles primed with 170 grams dextrose.

Yield: 18.5L (37 x 500ml bottles)

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